Preparing for your tax return

We require the following infomation to complete your tax return. This list is not exhaustive but shows the most common kinds of income we deal with.  All income needs to be declared on your tax return regardless of whether it is taxed at source or not.  If you are unsure about something, please get in contact with us.

If you are employed:   Please send us your P60 or P45 for every employment in the tax year (you may not receive this until mid May)

If you receive any pensions:   Please send us your P60 from every private pension. If you receive state pension, please send us the letter they send in April advising how much you will be paid every week.

If you have any bank or building society accounts:   Please send us the annual interest summaries or the statements. (Unless your total interest received is over £1000 this doesn’t need to be declared, nor tax paid; but we need details for completeness.)

If you have received a PPI (or similar) payment:   Please send us details of any payments received, including interest and interest tax paid.

If you receive income from renting out property:    If you use a letting agent, please send us all their monthly statements, and details of any expenses you have paid for yourself. Otherwise, please send us details of the rent received during the year and expenses incurred, together with receipts if available.

 If you are self employed:   Please send us

  • Sales invoices or other evidence of income (eg CIS statements)
  • Receipts for purchases
  • Copies of any books of account you may have written up
  • Cheque book counterfoils for all bank accounts used for business purposes
  • Paying in book counterfoils for all bank accounts used for business purposes
  • Bank statements for all bank accounts used for business purposes
  • Value of stock and work in progress at the year end, if applicable
  • Any debtors or creditors at the year end.
  • A figure for stock held at cost price at your year end.

If you have any shares:   Please send us the dividend vouchers

If you are repaying a Student Loan:   Please send us details of any repayments made during the year.

If you receive any other income, please provide us with the details.